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cory cats filled with eggs or not?

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I have 2 cory cat females in my one tank one is a pepperd cory and the other an albino. How will I know if the females are filled with eggs? I can't get any clear pictures of them.
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they will look very rounded,the males that i had were always smaller than
the females,i also found that before the females were ready to lay the eggs,
that they would frantically be cleaning either the side of the tank,or the
stem of a leaf,so the eggs would adhere better.
My peppered cory and albino cory fenales look more rounded than 2weeks ago they are all adults. My males are all smaller than the females an looks the same as they always do.

My pepperd cory male has interes in the female but my albinos doesn't. I see the pepperd cory every now and then swimming frantically up and down thae glass. Its been like that for about 4 days now. Every now and then the pepperd cory vibrates ontop of the female. And he is mostly at her side.
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there may have been eggs laid,however you will find that most fish,
that are also in the tank with the corys,and the corys themselves will eat the eggs.
sometimes it just takes them time to get it right.
Thank you. Have you ever heard of a sun catfish that is filled with eggs in a home aquarium? My dads tank have to females.
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i don't think that any have been bred in captivity as yet,but i could
be wrong.
I have also read that, and that when the females are "gravid" that her belly gets big en that her vent area is red. I noticed yesterday that both the fishes bellies are fat and their vent areas are red.
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i think people would be very very interested if your father were able
to introduce a male,and end up with a spawning !!!!
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