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Corals, Corals, and more Corals

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Since I have not posted in some time I am opening my first thread with some pics of some of the new corals I have been trading for. I am a bit of a collector of corals and am always trying to acquire more. I have something of a bank in my home.

Some really nice zoanthids and palythoas I have received in the last month.
Purple hornets
Witches Brew
Purple People Eaters
And NO :-? I do not make up all these crazy names,some one else out there does and people eat it up.
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OH NO! I was going to post more pics but some of the previous ones have been moved. I did not know photobucket would not apply the move here. I will have to see about a way around this. Hmmmm?
This is a disaster! I NEED to see those first shots! I can fix the first thread for you if you send me the image links?

I don't know much of anything about the salty side, but these are lovely! I want to see more!! :-D
I dunno if it's a trick question or not! >.<
What are these beautiful and obviously magical creatures??!
Humor a freshie out! And post more pics!

(and then go open a freshwater thread up and show us other things!)

Yes, when you move images around in PhotoBucket it will change the link you used when you originally posted.
I can edit the new links into your first post if you wish?
That one is a sweetie! ^__^
What is it? (apart from very cool, I mean)
They're all so different, your collection is pretty astounding.
I get lost in my tank, too - but its a whole 'nother world over there, for sure!
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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