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Hey guys,
I have quite a few guppies I am clearing out of my show tank. They are breeding nonstop. I thought I had two males (because the female was so colorful, but I forgot to check the fins when I made the purchase...) So my error is your gain.

I have tons of guppies, most of them are fry, a handful of them were just birthed today.

I am having camera issues, so this pictures a representations only, sorry :oops: They are decent representations however. I will post pics when issues are resolved.

Males - most appear like this, some other variations are starting to come forward.

$1.50 each

Breeding Female & growing females - Yes, this is a male picture, but it is the best representation of the incredible color she has.

$3.00 each

There also many unsexed fry. If you would like them they are $0.25 each.

All fish pickup only. I am located in Dana Point, CA.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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