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My brother wants me to start doing a coral tank and basically i have no idea what to do to keep them alive and healthy.

can anyone give me a run down in detail on everything from:
- lighting
- chemicals that need to be added
- beginnger corals or really good corals
- can i keep many fish with them?
- circulation of water
- temperature
- do i need live rock?
- etc

it would be in a 150 gallon aquarium that is already established with plenty of fish, and want to know if it will be worth while.


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well a good begginer coral is the Mushroom coral. I think the button polyps are pretty hardy too.

Corals and invertebrate to stay away from

Anemone (these are hard to take care of and many die, unless you are ready and have strong lighting, then stay away from these)
I think sps corals are no good, they are pretty fragile
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