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I am looking for a compact internal filter for my daughter's 5 gal tank in which she keeps her pet ADFs (2). The tank is an Aqueon 5.0 kit and the filter it comes with is a joke. I added a Marina S10 HOB to it, but it prevents from the hood being closed and there's large gap in the back. We are worried the frogs may jump out! I looked for internal filters. I considered Tetra Whisper i10 and Marina I25 - both with good reviews, but somewhat large for the 5 gal tank and would take up quite a bit tank space. So I decided on some (more) compact ones. I was at Petsmart and happened to see a very compact Top Fin internal filter 10.

I am also considering AquaTop internal filter IF201
Aquarium Internal Filter IF-201

They both seem very compact. The aquatop one may be too small??! I would like to know your experiences/thoughts on these two and if there is any preference. Any other suggestions? Thanks so much.
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