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Here's a L206. I have two & really hoping for a pair. It won't be long before it will be obvious as they are both starting to get the typical 'hairiness' of panaque sp. Very good looking little guys these & seem to be getting stronger colors as they mature.

L104. Clown pleco. I have ten of these little guys from a few different groups. These are probably the easiest to get a hold of panaque sp where i am hence ten so i hope there's some littly's one day.

Here's another cute little guy but a lousy pic sorry. He's an L127.

Here's a L168 or butterfly pleco.

Here's a little chocolate pleco. He's about doubled in size in the few monthe i've had him.

Here's the little L206 panaque the day he came home.


Botia almorhae or yoyo loach as they are commonly known. If you have snails, these guys make great exterminators & don't get anywhere as large as the macarantha or the clown loach.

Puntius filamentosus.

Silver dollar.

Rasbora daniconius.

Albino bristle nose.

Clown loach with an unusual pattern.
When the stripes were being handed out,
this guy stood in line twice.

The thread title was just what was on the jukebox at the time...
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