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Recently I completely broke down and rebuilt my 20gal npt, and during the transfer, I noticed that my pleco was looking more like a tadpole than a fish. previously the dirt was capped with sand, but that ended up being replaced by pea gravel, with the intention of coming back and adding sand back in over the top when I was able to get some.

So I have three questions:

  • the 'sand' I ordered came in, looking more like very fine gravel, and I'm wondering if it's okay for my pleco, or if it'll become a problem for him.
  • He has a very round body and a very thin tail with a visible definition between the two. looking at pictures of other clown plecos, they seem much more of a streamlined bullet shape
  • I never see him out from under the cave in the driftwood, even at night; I know they're shy fish, but he seems to never move from the spot, at least not where I can see him. I had to take the driftwood out of the tank to find him so I could catch him and get his picture.
I'm probably being paranoid, but I've had more than a few problems with this tank(mostly my fault, and I'm trying to fix them), and at this point I'd rather be paranoid then get caught by surprise.
here's a photo of Cronus, as he is today, looking I think a little better than he was when I was redirting the tank:

and here's a size comparison of the gravel currently in the tank, versus the 'sand' I ordered versus standard clown puke aquarium gravel:
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