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Has anyone successfully bred clown killifish? I started off with 3 males and 3 females in a very heavily planted 5.5g with driftwood and java moss as well. One female dissapeared :( so now there is a 3:2 male/female ratio. I have still observed them spawning, but I never see any fry. The eggs are so tiny, I hardly see these fall either. The other thing I did wrong was put them in a tank with neocardina shrimp and hundreds of MTS and ramshorn snails, which I read later will consume the clown killifish eggs. I also read that the parents won't usually eat their eggs or offspring.

I want to start an 8g, thinking of keeping some clown killis in there, and dismantling the 5.5g and starting over without the snails and shrimp. So I have two tanks to swap and play with. And driftwood with java moss.

I was just curious how other people have bred this fish, any success stories?
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