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Cloudy Particulate in saltwater

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Good morning all. I have a JBJ nano 24 gal AIO... tank is 4 months old. Got 2 clowns, a fire fish, a cardinal benggai, and a spotted goby. CuC is 3 snail, 2 hermit, 1 shrimp and an emerald crab.

I have been having issues with clody water. I know gobies can kick up sand... but i think its more than that. I know algal blooms can do it too... so ive oxygenated the water. Even thought about adding an air stone?

My levels are great. Nitrate is a bit high... 10ppm. But ive read thats normal for a new tank? Ive done several 10% water changes with ROI water. Even added activated charcoal and a 50 micron fliter pad to help with the particulate and cloudiness. Tried a chemical route... but to no avail. Ill attach a video that was taken today. Planning on doing another water change today as well.

Maybe i need a 35% water change?
Any help/guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thank youoki
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