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Hello all,

I haven't had a tank in a while. I used to have had a 5 and 10. I thought I'd try a 20 this time.

For filtration, I set up a Sun Sun canister pump and an Aqua Tech 5-15. They are both used. Each from two different tanks.

I rinsed them out really well and scrubbed them with a toothbrush. I did use the old sponges that were in the filters. I gave the sponges a good rinse. I started the cycling last night and this morning, the water was brown and cloudy. I did a water change this afternoon, left, came back home and it's still super brown and cloudy. I just added activated carbon, another sponge, and ceramic pellets.

Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this? How many water changes should I do per week to fix this? Will this interrupt the cycle?

I've attached a photo for you to take a look at.

Thanks in advance.


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