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ive had my cichlids for a while now and they've all been fine haven't fought once or anything. but today when I woke up I noticed my electric yellow was constantly swimming up and down the glass of the tank and will not stop. I also have two other cichlids that are actin a bit weird as well, (I don't know the name of them) theyre blue with green fins, by far the best looking cichlids I have in the tank. but they are rather sluggish today and act as if they are about to die. all my other fish are fine though. my angel, red fin, barbs, catfish and convicts are all acting fine. I also have a silver tip in there but all he's ever done is hide. I did a water change as of last night and haven't introduced anything new. I don't have any strips to test my water and my nearest fish store is 40 minutes away. if anyone can chime in a possibility on what could be wrong it would be much appreciated. thanks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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