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cheap tank with stand

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hey just so in the paper 55gallon tank with hood gravel oak stand for a $150 do you guys thinks this is a good deal?
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With everything included! I'de say so! for only 150 $ I would be on that like a pig in the mud.
prob is i dont work so the is kind of hard to get :wink:
Ask your parents to buy it and you can make payments.....*with sugar on top mommy* lol
just make sure that it doesnt leak first...if possible, ask to see it set up. or for a trial run or something...

ok im gonna try for it and it if its older i will ask it 100
I have a really good tank building site, tells you how to build it and works out the wood you need, I used it for mine and is VERY strong.
Please post the adress, i'm fairly keen on the DIY
he getting rid of because he just got a 72 gallon but ill go and look at it
going to look a the tank to day the other bidder must not wanted it so they said the'll lower the price
I GOT THE TANK!!!! :redyay: :blueyay: :greenyay: :nicefish: GREAT TANK GOING TAKE PICS.
SWEET! post pic's ASAP
ok hold up got to resize them first
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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