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characodon los pinos

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it's not a very good pic of characodon los pinos it's a very nice looking fish.
possibly extinct in the wild. .


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skiffia1-Very nice looking fish indeed! Your's?

henningc-It's a C. audax population. Characodon audax |
Los Pinos
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Some more nice fish! I love when people come on here to talk about and show off fish that are less commonly kept. Do you keep any other Goodeids? I'd guess at least one Skiffia based on your username.
Sorry Skiffia,I missed your post before. I have never kept Goodeids, but they do fascinate me. I appreciate you showing off your fish and hope you're not done doing so. I also hope their are some other keepers on here that chime in.

I realize you keep pure populations, so not sure why I'm asking this, but how do you feel about Skiffia 'black beauty' given that it is a hybrid, but one started for noble reasons?
jpepe1-Forgive me for being lazy and not typing this all out, but Limia is a genus in family Poeciliidae, while Goodeids are family Goodeidae. Both are in the same order, Cyprinodontiformes. (This is where I get lazy) They both produce live young, but there are differences.

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I real love when you show off pics. You're teasing though by showing just one at a time :)

BWG. I am not really into hybrids. I personally like the black beauty reasons are it’s still a goodeid type, I like goodeids and have species tanks for all of them.
Apologies, but I'm not sure I understand. Are the black beauties the only hybrids you like? Sorry, it's late here and I'm reading you as saying you don't like them and do like them. lol Maybe I should sleep.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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