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Changing the filter cartridges.....

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Hi all,

I recently set-up my first tank (around 5/6 weeks ago). It's a 60 litre tank with a few live plants and the following fish:

2 Silver Sharks
3 Guppies
10 Neon Tetras
2 Sucker fish
3 Balloon Mollies (plus 14 baby balloons that I have in a small hatching tank inside the main tank)

My main question is - how often should the filter cartridges be changed? They're looking pretty dirty now and I've read varying suggestions online of every 2 weeks, every month and even longer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Replace them when they start to fall apart. For regular maintenance you should just rinse them in a bucket of old tank water that you remove during water changes. Don't rinse them under tap water.

If you do need to replace them, only do one at a time (it sounds like you have more than one). Replace one and then wait a few weeks before replacing the other.

Hope that helps.
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