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Those who read my last post, 'First Order for Two Tanks,' looks like I'll have to make a big change in plans because in my 20 gallon tank, my male betta is giving me a reason to move him into my old 10 gallon tank because he seems to be having some personal issues due to my recent addition of some fish. There are plenty of room, but I think he might be past his limit of tankmates, considering that he doesn't eat as much as he used to.

I am already getting ready to order some fish for the 10 gallon, along with a few plants, and I'll have to get rid of the Sparkling Gourami I had planned for it, but here are the rest of the fish I'm going to order:

6x Neon Tetras
2x Assassin Snails
3x Amano Shrimp

And for the 20 gallon, I'm getting the following:

5x Kuhli Loaches
6x Harlequin Rasboras

I would like to get something to replace the beta, but I'm not sure what would be a good mix with the fish I have now. Not only would have to be peaceful, or as close to friendly as possible, but would get along with my platys and Bolivian Ram, while also won't consider any of my ghost shrimp or nerite snails a meal. I would consider either a Gourami or a Rainbowfish or two, but could still use some ideas.
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