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Hi all,

I'm having some issues with my celestial pearl danios and was hoping for some ideas on what could be causing it.

Over the last 24 hours I have lost 3 CPDs, first they become inactive, almost as though they are paralysed, and show rapid gill movement. Then they lose the ability to remain upright. From my observations from the last one just before they die they have a burst of energy.

In addition to the 3 dead a further 3 have vanished over the month, I can only assume they died and were eaten or were dying and got sucked into the filter.

Out of the 9 CPDs I have left I fear 2 more are going the same way, they are not eating and are quite skinny. The rest of them seem fine and are even showing signs of mating, I also have a breeders net in the tank which has 3 CPD fry who are doing well and are about 7 weeks old now.

Tank mates are doing fine (cardinal tetras. False julli Cory, panda Cory, guppies and ottos).

Ammonia and nitrite are 0 with nitrate between 10 and 20.

Possible causes...

After I pulled out the latest dying CPD I noticed a hydra with very long tentacles, could their sting cause this? It has since been removed.

We have been having quite hot weather and I have struggled with keeping the tank temperature low, over the last few days it has risen to a steady 30c, today however the weather cooled and the temp of the tank fell back to its usual 25C

What's puzzling for me is the baby CPDs are fine while the adults seem to have problems.

Here is a photo of their home*

Thanks for reading
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