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Ok this stuff is reel cheap and reel lightweight. But i dont know what it looks like, the picture is very descreet.
I am very tight on money right now, so tight that after i buy my lr i will be broke and will need my moms to buy my first fish for me(maybee my dad will buy me a peice of coral!)
Here the situation. i have 91 dallors left to spend on my lr. I need to stock my 20 gallon tank. Please tell me what would be my best option.
I have a 30 dallor gift certificate to live aaquaria so i can aford 22 pounds of fiji rock there but im not sure if i like fiji, its dence and i dont relly like that oval look fifi rock has. If anyone knows someone who is selling some lr please let me know. Or if someone has too much lr in there tank.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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