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Care for Baby Pleco's?

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I'm new here hope i'm posting in the correct place.

I currently have 2 tropical fish tanks, On cleaning out the 1st i have found several not just a few ( talking over 30 baby plecos they are very tiny ) I have added a couple of pictures of a couple but not too clear as I used my phone. There are mixed in colour , some are the average dark and others are yellow/****** as seen in the picture.

I'm not a breeder so more luck than judgement, ( I've never bred anything before lol!)

I have separated the bigger fish into my 4 ft aquarium and left all the babies in a smaller tank so there isn't anything else in there that could eat them.

The babies currently swimming across sides and bottom of my 1st tank, To the point where my gravel looks like it is moving.

As i'm not a breeder just looking for any further advise to care for these?


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When i have babies I just care for them if they where mini-adults. they take peas, lettuce, carrot ect... like the adults! :)
aww looks like my little buddy! i didnt know they like peas and lettuce! what about cabbage?
I think cabbage is fine as well :) However, I not 100% sure. I do know that feeding alot of romane lettuce isn't good for them - either that, or I thinking of birds...
New life spectrum pellet's for large fish,algae wafer's, zuchinni,are food's I have fed them.
Fishes pictured, appear to be young Bristlenose Plecos.:cool:
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