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Can we talk sump care??

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Here's a bit of background. My 75 gallon with a 15 gal sump has been set up 5 months now. I added a sponge filter in the sump about 3 months ago. Was getting micro bubbles, and thought that would help. Later learned I had that dreaded dinoflag . . (sp)? Some bad type of the brown bubble stuff. Anyways, seemed to get rid of that with hydrogen peroxide dosing. Sump looks like it's got about every type of algae possible LOL! I do have coraline algae in my display, which I don't mind. I hear that is good if algae is in the sump, as long as it stays there and not the display.:-? But I notice things like algea in the tube that goes into the display and pretty much everywhere. I wonder if and when and how you clean this stuff? Do you ever? Is it all meant to be left alone? Forever? I've attached pictures of algae I pulled out, etc. One is of my skimmer and you can see in the middle of the pic a tiny leach sort of thing, I have much bigger ones in the sump and saw one today in the display. I thought they were tiny snails, but now don't think so. Is what I have looking normal, after such a relatively short time? I have lots of different pods and mysis shrimp in my sump, and possibly they are in the tank, but I imagine they are all fair game as food.

The last image is looking into the sump at the sponge filter, which just last week I squeezed/rinsed out in tank water. :shock:

My parameters are as follows: 0 ammonia and nitrites. 0 nitrates Calcium 440 ph 8.3 ALK 6-8 (lucky if I can get 8. I have lots of corals and do feed and dose with Seachem calcium and alk, dose iodine, feed coral frenzy and other things, use limewater as a top off. And do minimual water changes, but have been trying 5 gallons every week or two. Can't think of much else. Really don't know much about maintaining a sump.



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