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Can I keep a group of all male mollies? No females?

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I do not want to deal with babies! I'm wondering if it's OK to keep a group of all males.
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Aggressive or playing?

So I am new to this forum thing. But I need some advice. I have 3 adult male mollies, 1 adult female, and 7 fry that I just moved from the nursery to "adult" tank. My male mollies keep chasing and nipping each other bottoms fin ( what I called their "private parts") is this normal? All 3 of them do it. But mostly the salvation and silver gaining up on the black one.
I have read that the inferior males get a chance to breed with the female if they do that ..for some reason the female gets turned on by this homosexual behavior which makes them bi sexual ..I read they can also change sex.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts