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Hey everyone, i am wondering if anyone knows any reputable online dealers that are in California or that ship to California (of course with reasonable prices). I am specifically looking for Pygmy Cories, and Galaxy Rasbora (hopefully can throw in a few trumpet snails)

Mods, please forgive me if this is in the wrong spot, as i have no idea what subsection it should go under.

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The Wet Spot in Portland OR. is a well respected company and ships all over the lower 48 states. They update their fish list every Friday. I looked and they have both fish currently listed but I am not sure if they have the snails. I watch this list regularly for rare Corydoras.

Overnight shipping starts at $24 I believe.
Celestial Pearl Danio, Danio margaritatus, $6 or 6 for $30
Corydoras pygmaeus, $2 or 10 for $18

IME, overnight shipping is the way to go. The fish will have a much higher survival rate and will have significantly less fin damage upon arrival. I have never had lasting fin damage but I have had a small percentage of dead on arrival with ground and air shipments.
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