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Hi Guys.. Great to see so many people sharing so much good knowledge on here. I'd love for your help here..

I've recently had a housemate leave me in charge of her fish whilst she travels overseas and when cleaning the filter about 2 weeks ago, one of the pair of the gobies was near the area, but I didn't see him. :( so we lost him and I've since replaced him because his mate was very sad. I've just given him time to get used to the surroundings and he's getting along ok.
One thing that disturbs me tho is that the new guys right eye is white, like he's had a injury there or its clouded over.. and I'm worried he might be picked on too much.? I can't believe an aquarium would sell a fish with one eye. I just wanted everything to be cosher. Is a white eye something to worry about?

btw. I immediately told my housemate as I was quite shaken up about it.

Thanks all!
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