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As was already stated, color changes can mean a number of different things, and its not always a reason to worry. Diet, stress levels, health issues, breeding habits, and even salinity levels can effect color changes...
What is your specific gravity/salinity level at? The bumble bees need brackish water to thrive long term. Another food option I've had luck with for the bumble bees is Formula 1 frozen food. If you try it, I would do so with a very small amount and make sure it is completely thawed in a cup of tank water before crumbling it into the tank.
The biggest cause of the yellow to orange color changes that I've observed over the years tends to be stress related. Making sure they have plenty of hiding places and are not harrassing each other is important. Bumble bees are little, but they can be fiesty, too!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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