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this is for a 2.5 planted nano :) comments appreciated!

here's the breakdown of the build..


The entire hood is made from plexiglass and painted

building the sides

fitting the sockets

testing the bulbs

it fits!

wiring it up parallel (first in home electrical project, how'd i do? )

omg no one died from electrocution! phew..

genius at work...

seal up that electrical box good!

fitting the top. starting to look like a hood!

sand it down. sorry dont have a picture...

prime it for good stickage!

a few coats of flat black and we're cherry

add a reflector for extra reflectiveness. i used a piece of dryer duct. 2.79 at ACE hardware

and we're done! how'd ya like that? go ahead, critique me :)

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joeshmoe said:
do u have a slpash peace of plastic so water dosnt go in the lights?
no guard in place at this time. may change in the future
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