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I think as long as the epoxy holds tight the plexi shouldn't bend and deform but it also depends on the plexi used.

As for sealing the entire unit, just thought would add that if you do you can't get the bulbs out to replace them, 8) .

Looks good, but I do have a couple questions:
First is what type of Epoxy did you use? I have never goten epoxy to stick to my plexi.
Second, do you know the kelvin rating of the bulbs? The bubls work great from what others have said but you need to make sure you have the 6500K ones. I have 8 of them sitting and waiting for me to build a hood for emersed growth. Gonna build one to hold 6 bulbs to use for the emersed part of the plants. That is if I ever catch my dad at home to use his power tools.

One suggestion also, I would have put an inline switch instead of the one build into the side of the hood. Just easier to deal with in my opinion.
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