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Just did a major cleanup of the tanks and I have to get rid of some plants. So pick and choose what you want, total it up and add $12.35 for priority shipping to the US and it's all yours! The sooner, the better so they don't have to be out of the water too long! That's a 12" ruler next to them to show size. There are trumpet snails and mystery snails in my tanks so there may be hitchhikers. There's also the possibility of duckweed, frogbit and salvinia and bits and pieces of all the other usual aquarium plants.

#1 Amazon Sword $4
#2 Amazon Sword Ozelot $6
#3 Anubias Barteri on cholla wood $6
#4 3 baby crypts, 1 bigger crypt, 2 baby java ferns $3
#5 Hygros with some red and/or variegation $1
#6 Java Moss, Ludwiga (or is it Bacopa?) and Rotala (I think) $2
#7 Pennywort and Water Wisteria $1
#8 I don't know $1
#9 I thought these were dwarf sags but some of it is a foot long! $1 for each clump or $3 for all of it

Or buy it all for $25 plus shipping of $12.35. Send me a private message, first come, first served!



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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