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brown algae problem.

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i never had a brown algae problem before. just in the last two weeks its been taking over my tank. covering the glass. ive had the tank up and running for almost a yr now. ive been reading it could be from my sand which i had just put in like 3 weeks or a month ag o. i dont leave my lights on very long between 9-11 hrs a day. is that to long? it doesnt seem to be getting on anything else besides the glass. my plants all look fine. i did notice my snails were eating it but they arent cleaning it completely. what can i do to get rid of this crap? ive been waiting for a magnet glass cleaner for a week should be here tomorrow. other then wiping it off every could days is there some special trick to get this stuff to stay out?
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Small spots of brown algae

So from reading the posts above I gather that the brown algae is nothing to really worry about. Just wipe it off and let the tank take its course. My tank has been cycling for about 5 weeks and the numbers are good: PH=8.2, Ammo, nitrita, nitrate=0, but yesterday I noticed that there were a couple of small spots where some brownish stuff was growing. I figured it was algae and part of the cycling process, so I just wipped it off and kept staring at the tank for about an hour. I only have 3 damsels, 1 blenny and couple of hermit crabs in it, but I am getting ready to start stocking it. Will it be ok to start?
Fish tank for therapy

rexpepper651;1424212 i remember my mom telling me how aquariums are good for your health cuz they lower stress and help keep your heart rate an blood pressure lower maybe thats why lol[/quote said:
There's no better therapy than a beautiful tank. I am a 25 year vet of the US Army Infantry who's been in theater more times than I care to count. Rather than sitting in the shrink's office three times a week, I sit in front of my tanks a couple a hours per day with a big mug o coffee. That way I don't have to talk to anyone about my relationship with my ol man. I just talk to the ghost that come and visit me every so often.
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