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brown algae problem.

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i never had a brown algae problem before. just in the last two weeks its been taking over my tank. covering the glass. ive had the tank up and running for almost a yr now. ive been reading it could be from my sand which i had just put in like 3 weeks or a month ag o. i dont leave my lights on very long between 9-11 hrs a day. is that to long? it doesnt seem to be getting on anything else besides the glass. my plants all look fine. i did notice my snails were eating it but they arent cleaning it completely. what can i do to get rid of this crap? ive been waiting for a magnet glass cleaner for a week should be here tomorrow. other then wiping it off every could days is there some special trick to get this stuff to stay out?
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Would have to post a picture to be sure. But normally it is diatoms, which are a symptom of new tanks. Now your tank isnt new, but you may be experiencing a mini, or major i suppose, cycle due to you changing substrate. As its likely something like 90% of your tanks 'good' bacteria was in the gravel.......sheer surface area....... and this being removed for sand, which will house no bacteria of this purpose, your tank is probably just adjusting.

Thats my GUESS anyway, but post some pics, and then someone more experienced would most likely be able to give you the definite s.
sounds like a plan. im at work right now ill post up a picture when i get home in the morning. oh some added info. im using 48 inche dual t8 40watt bulbs 55g tank. lightly planted. dose mondays with flourish comp.
What kind of sand are you using? Play sand and pool filter sand can cause diotoms ( brown algae) for awhile. I've had PFS in my aquarium for close to a year and it's still leaking them out.
im using pool filter sand from ace hardware. it even turned my water brown. almost coverd my swords leafs as well. heres some pics.

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I think I'm also going to skip this weeks ferts an get some more plants an a couple of ottos
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is it true lack of oxygen can also cause this? it only came about after i decided i wanted to turn off my airstone to see how it would affect my corkscrew val seeing as they were right by it.
Rather than buying fish just for this, wouldnt it be better to solve the issue at hand instead?
well yeah of course! i wouldnt mind getting some new fish tho haha.ive been doing alot of research and nothing is really helping maybe im looking at it thew wrong way.
From the photos, this does not look like diatoms to me. How easy is it to clean off of the glass? Can you rub it off with your finger, or does it take a sponge or scraper?

It looks more green than brown, and this would be due to the light.

Oxygen is not relevant to this, it is more the water movement, but this can work both ways.

i didnt try using my finger but i did use a scrubber on a stick an it was a lil tuff to get off
yeah i think there are many factors here lol. overfeeding, to much light, and to many nutrients in the water. im pretty sure i double dosed with liq ferts 2 weeks ago. ive cut down on the light this past week. only dosed once and reduced the amount of food being givin. also on sunday i did about a 60% water change and cleaned my tank very well. i noticed alot of plant material littering the bottom of my tank. an since sunday i havent seen an increase in the brown stuff. its just mainly right along the sand line of the bottom of my tank and hasnt gotten any worse. i should be getting some floating plants soon. since my BA tetras ate all my water sprite before it could grow. i ordered a 120+ leaves of salvinia minima. hopefully this and with the less light, food and more thorough cleanings it will all go back to normal!
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thats what i think is going on in my tank maybe its either the algae or the diatomes from everything that happened with the planting an the new light. ill get it sorted out tho! i cleaned a good deal of it off friday morning after work. no more brown water and its not nearly as bad. i love this place! everyoen is so helpful and nice. i remember my mom telling me how aquariums are good for your health cuz they lower stress and help keep your heart rate an blood pressure lower maybe thats why lol
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