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brown algae problem.

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i never had a brown algae problem before. just in the last two weeks its been taking over my tank. covering the glass. ive had the tank up and running for almost a yr now. ive been reading it could be from my sand which i had just put in like 3 weeks or a month ag o. i dont leave my lights on very long between 9-11 hrs a day. is that to long? it doesnt seem to be getting on anything else besides the glass. my plants all look fine. i did notice my snails were eating it but they arent cleaning it completely. what can i do to get rid of this crap? ive been waiting for a magnet glass cleaner for a week should be here tomorrow. other then wiping it off every could days is there some special trick to get this stuff to stay out?
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What kind of sand are you using? Play sand and pool filter sand can cause diotoms ( brown algae) for awhile. I've had PFS in my aquarium for close to a year and it's still leaking them out.
Just wipe it down . It's an eye sore but completely harmless. It's the silca from the sand that's causing it . My tank has looked the same at times. It will eventually be less and less of it. I may have to wipe down once every couple months now. Nothing to worry about.
What's causing my diatoms then? My tank has been going over a year with pool filter sand and I still have to wipe down sides of tank from time to time
Only cause could be excess nutrients, as I replace my bulbs every six months, nitrates are 5-10, lights on only 7hrs. Maybe I'll skip a dose on my seachem flourish from time to time.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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