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Broccoli for Mystery Snails

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Fun observation. I fed broccoli to my tetras, who love the crowns. Well today I found my mystery snails having a ball munching away on the stems. It found this pretty neat. I don't know if anyone is curious.
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Yeah they will also enjoy romaine lettuce, spinach, green beans, and other veggies it's good to give them a variety of foods.
Thanks for the advice. I will start using some spinach too. I already do shelled peas, romaine and broccoli. The seem to really go nuts for veg. My german ram too, he loves peas.
I know mine used to love broccoli stems blanched. And slow as a snail is disproved if you've ever seen them moved when veggies are clipped in.
I find it that when I leave the pease with shells on I wake up in the mornings and there's a bunch of uneaten pea shell's all over the place, do you have this problem too or do your fish eat everything?
I buy the frozen peas and soak them in warm water. Then I remove the casing around the pea. I feed them the fleshy part only. When I don't remove the casing I get the same problem you do, the fish don't seem to be able to get the casing off and they are still floating around. Try removing the casing. You might find them gobbled up right before your eyes :)
Oh no I do remove the casings i was just wondering cause you had stated you used shelled peas I was just curious.
I guess I was going on the assumption that shelled peas where the pea removed from the bean pod. Maybe this is my french brain, but I thought that was the proper expression.
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