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Hello everyone!

I recently obtained a small female (about an inch long) and a male (about 2 inches long) Kribensis cichlid. I want to breed them, but I want to make sure I can and that I have the right stuff. I also want to know if I can breed them what do I need to do to get them to breed.

Right now I have a 29 Gallon tank with:

6 Ivory AppleSnails
5 Lamp eye tetras
2 silver hatchet
2 Albino bristle nose plecos
2 Kribensis cichlid
1 Orange Koi Angelfish Runt

Plant wise I have:
Cryptocoryne Wendys
Water Sprite
Water Onion
Amazon Swords
and some Bulbs Im growing.

The female. Sorry I couldn't get a full body shot she wouldn't come out of her little cave.

My male Krib

And this is the whole tank.

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The plecos and the snails will eat the eggs if given the chance. You will probably want them in their own tank if you want to keep the fry.

What are you water paramters? PH GH and KH? What do you keep the temperature at?
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