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15/5 gallon tank community/soon to be nursery

2 mollies 1f/1m

4neon tetras ?/?

2 guppies 1f/1m female=orange tail and silver body;male= green with spots (very sexy looking)

2 comets ?/? one comet has no fins (all got ripped out/ dont know why it got ripped out one day they were there then the next gone =O)

5 gallon tank for a couple months/15 a couple weeks

one plant (i forget the name)

incandescent bulb

16 hours a day of incandescent light

hardly any real sunlight

bio wheel filter

freshwater aquarium

eclipse bio filter (came with my 5 gallon aquarium)

no c02 unit

20 percent water changes once a week (GVC really is handy =D)

ok heres the deal. im trying to breed guppies and mollies. i have a pair of each -_- the other two females of each species have died.....D=. 15 gallon tank -_-. i saw my mollies mating but i dont know how if she is pregnant... guppies are easy to tel but my molly's color is hard to see her sounds weird trying to see a fish's gut but you know what i mean... yeah... you guys rock!!any other tips on me breeding my fish?. oh and i also have 4 neon tetras how do they breed? oh and my mollies and my female guppy is always moving up and down the tank corner vertically like really fast....what kind of behavior is that? it makes me dizzy looking at them..... i seperated my other big fish (comets and male molly) cuz they pik on my guppies and tetras and put them into a 5 gallon tank. i think my tank is crowded....... im doing my science project on fish so i need to know asmuch as my puny adolescent brain can wow long topic but sorry lo just have to ask.=D Merry Christmas!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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