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First let me say that for the quality of the hobby, if you are going to breed, please do not cross breed species and sell them to your LFS. If there is a question, please keep them for your personal enjoyment so that the species we do have will remain as pure as possible. And remember to have a place to get rid of them if you are going to breed them. I have a LFS that will take a lot of species but there are a lot that won't. I am not talking about most live bearers as they are most likely crosses already but species like Corydoras will interbreed as will many other fish like Guppies and Mollies as well as Swords and Platties.

So here is a "for starters" request. Don't feel like you can't post because you have not bred the fish, please feel free to ask any questions and give relevant advice regardless.

What we would like to see is your success in breeding your fish. I can search all day long and get 100's of articles that explain how to do it and probably find 5 different opinions for every fish I look for. This doesn't mean not to post information if you have something useful, by all means do so even if you don't breed them.

Also, if you decide to breed a fish and don't mind a little record keeping, the following information would be useful to help others who might decide to breed the same ones:

Tank Size
Specific species if known, ie. not just Sword but sunset sword
Lighting and when used or not used
Food used for conditioning
Food used for fry and at what stages which food was used
Water change frequency and what type of water
Any other basic tank information like plant types or what ornament the fish decided to hide the babies in.
Anything else I forgot that you think would be important.

This is just a guideline that you may or may not decide to follow. Post your successes and failures regardless and most important, ask questions!
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