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Family: Gobiidae

Common Name: Kabili Bumblebee Goby

Origin and Habitat: Asia, Borneo and Mekong delta, upstream as far as Cambodia.


Kabili Bumblebee Goby Diet

Carnivorous. It should be fed with brine shrimps, bloodworms, daphnia, blackworms and other meaty foods.


Water parameters for Kabili Bumblebee Goby

The Kabili Bumblebee Goby should be kept in an aquarium with the temperature ranging from 72 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit, and a Ph of around 7.5.


Not much is known about this goby, however, its requirements are quite similar to the more popular ones and it grows to only 3 cm at most.

This fish will be categorized under brackish water where it does better in comparison to freshwater conditions although it still is found in freshwater conditions. A tank furnished with several rocks and plants is very important. Be particularly selective in choosing tankmates as it will not tolerate any intrusion in its territory.

Suitable tankmates are guppies, Celebes rainbowfish, mollies and the smaller glassfish.

Sexual dimorphism is unknown. It is not commonly marketed so the price remains high due to possible high demand.

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