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I have the same thing going with my 29 gallon. I wanted a taller stand so I put it on a all wood nightstand which is about 1.5-2 inches shorter on either side of the tank. So the weight is distributed evenly I convinced my husband to help me at home depot picking out a piece of MVP plywood (not the layers, but the compact wood.. hard to describe) and had home depot cut it 1 inch bigger on all sides than the tank. We then wrapped it in thick mylar (like a present) and staple gunned it to the board then wrapped it the same way with dark suede like material (dark green) so the board is water proof and looks good.

Don't do anything THINNER than 3/4th inch no matter what kind of plywood you choose. Try to get something with as few knots as possible. You get to keep the whole piece of plywood you buy even if HD or Lowes cuts it. If it's cut right you might get a nice shelf out of the left overs :)
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