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Bottomless Pit..

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Here's my bottomless pit, lol..... Eats shrimp pellets whole, lol.

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Oh my! Lookit his jaws!!! :shock:
what type of fish is that? if i didnt know beter id say a small albino ropefish
It's an albino senegal bichir, and he's a real beauty!
Lovely fish there Lonewolfblue. You cannot beat a good Bichir.
albino senegal bichir

He cleans house on the bloodworms as well. :)
He is really cool. Makes me want to get my albino water dogs. (I know they are a form of slamander or newt)

I would bet he would take a piece out of your finger if you let him. Does he ever walk on his fins at all? That would be cool to get on video.
Yup, he both swims around, as well as walks with his fins looking for food. Pretty cool guy.....
What else will they guys eat? Looks like they owuld be a small fish eater and probably gobble up ghost/glass shrimp.
Well, I've only fed him shrimp pellets and bloodworms. I've tried feeding krill, but e doesn't seem to want it. He also stalks my rummy nose tetras, but is too slow to get them. As for tankmates, he's in with GBR's, Bolivian Rams, rummies, BN Plecos, Otos, and a roseline shark, as well as a red tail shark.
lovely fish!!

what size of tank is he in? is he/will he get really big?
great :welldone: photography almost like slow motion filming
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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