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Bolivian Ram has bump protruding from stomach...

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Today I noticed one of my female bolivian rams had a large bump protruding from her stomach it is brownish in color...

IMG_1971_zps35611122.jpg Photo by kaysparf | Photobucket

IMG_1968_zps28d396f4.jpg Photo by kaysparf | Photobucket

IMG_1970_zps6909948f.jpg Photo by kaysparf | Photobucket

it looks smaller in the pictures but it is about the size of a small pea.
I have not added anything different to the tank and have had her for several months she eats normal but has not shown much color lately. Water tests show nothing out of the ordinary.
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Wow, that looks scary. I had a betta with a lump a couple months ago. He did not make it. People thought it looked like columnaris.
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