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Wow guys, don't know what you have done to your craysfish but it must have been bad!!!! No just kidding. First, anything described as a Blue Lobser is obviously not a lobster and is one of a number of crayfish. Depending on what type of crayfish will likely determain if the animal is a Psyco Killer or just a big dumb ox that thinks it can hunt.

Most blue crayfish are Alleni that are native to Florida. They can be semi-aggressive if you mix them with the wrong tanks mates. - More on that later.

Some blue crays are Clarkii-Here is your Psyco Killer. They don't like anything unless it is food and if they could talk would tell you everything in the tank is their's to eat, then promptly eat you. They are not good community animals.

There are couple of crayfish that are Aussie in origin, Cherax family. These guys come with their own issues. First they are really bad at catching fish as their claws grow so large that they are slower than slow. Some types burrow and will rip your tank design to shreads. They all eat plants, so don't let your tank become the school lunch program. Funny thing is they generally ignore cherry shrimp and unless they get really lucky they won't cause them harm. Destructors are the best as they stay tiny at around 10". You can not put Cherax in a tank with or that has house american crayfish. There is a plauge and it is real.

If trying to house fish with crayfish remember the first rule, if they can catch it they will eat it. Cory cats, loaches as such are not on the list of tankmates. Dwarf cichlids or other substrate spawners are off the list as well. I have kept them and still do in almost every tank I have without difficulty or problems with the tankmates. I have kept every livebearer including Belonasox with them without issue. I have kept larger crays with convicts, just don't try it with a breeding pair of convicts. I have kept them with multiple types of tetras, gouramis, barbs. They are not good with gold fish as gold fish kill them by picking at them all the time. You need hides in your tank and 3 sections of pvc pipe per-cray will work. I feed mine 1/2 blanched pea daily and a piece of shrimp pellet every week.
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