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So quick background of the tank:

30cmx30cmx30cm tank
Heavily planted
Live stock:
  • 3 male guppies
  • 1 female platy (female)
  • Male betta
  • and a load of snails and shrimp
So these guys have been in the tank together for around 2-3months and I have had no problems. The betta has no problem with the other fish and creatures accept when the room is dark and the deep blue light is on. The betta turns evil...he sees red...well blue hahaha. He flares at the platy the guppies and even the snails. I have seen him being nasty with fish before in another tank where he would chase and nip, but in this case he does not nip or chase, he just flares. He seems to take more interest in the platy over other fish and I am wondering, is it possible he thinks it is a female betta? The platy has not been in the tank long, and since then he has been making bubble nests (which he did not do before). He swims next to her and flares, but the platy just sits there (don't think she has a clue whats going on) and the betta will do this as long as the light is on.

As well, as soon, and I mean the instant I switch the blue light off or the white light on he stops...and becomes a happy fish again.

Anyway, I am not to concerned as this is only an issue when the room is dark and blue light is on. No issue with white light or no light. As long he does not fight them I am happy.

Also, the guppies and the platy (and some snails) seem to reflect some blue light (looks neonish) so perhaps this is triggering him.

I would love to here some theories on this and anyone else who might have had betta do this. I honestly could not find anything on google.
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