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I have had him or her for about 6 months and hes my favorite fish! Very sociable with people, and he does the dance in front of the glass every time i walk in the room for food.

His Strange behavior began 2 days ago, when I was changing my aquarium background. He suddenly started freaking out, out of nowhere. He bolted around the aquarium and then began flashing up against aquarium decor. Afterwords he went into hiding which he NEVER does. He always wants to be the main act of the show :) While he was in hiding I did notice his gills moving really fast. This went on for about an hour...

Water tests came back perfect:

Ammonia: 0ppm
Nitrate: 5ppm
Nitrite: 0ppm
Chlorine: 0
PH: 7.2
Alkalinity: 100mg/L
Hardness: 60mg/L

Water temperature is 78 degrees F

However since his "Break-down", he has not been himself. He has been a little better today. Initially he was swimming with his nose down a lot. Initially I was worried about swim bladder problems. But today, I think it may be something different. The more and more I watch him, it doesn't look like he is struggling to stay submerged, but more so, he has developed a new-found obsession with the gravel. For the first time ever, I witnessed him earlier doing some remodeling of his own. :lol:. He has now been taking pebbles, picking them up with his mouth, and swimming to random sides of the tank to them spit them out, its rather funny, but it leaves me with some questions that maybe someone could answer...?:)

I have read that Blood Parrots themselves are sterile since they are a Hybrid. However I have also read that during spawning they can sometimes act in strange ways. One the most common behaviors I have heard about during spawning is the so called "remodeling" I mentioned of above. However If I do not have any other Cichlids in the tank, why would he (or perhaps she) be exhibiting this behavior? Do they spawn by themselves? If anyone could chime in it would be much appreciated. :)


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It's probable that he saw his reflection when you changed the background and he thought it was another Parrot and that could trigger the behavior and the freak-out if at first he thought it was another Parrot intruding on his territory that he'd never seen before. That's all I can think of at least.
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