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Hello everyone! I will be receiving some African Dwarf Frogs in the mail, and have been looking in to culturing black worms as a long term food source for them. Keeping them in a tiny little sweater box or whatever would definitely make me feel guilty, so I have two options. I could set up an extra five gallon tank for them, though I would have to buy new air stones and air pumps. I also only have HOB filters as of right now, and I honestly don't know if I trust myself to DIY a sponge filter.

My alternative is culturing them directly in the tank with the frogs. There are also some corys in that tank. It's a 20L, and I know blackworms like shallower water. I'm not worried about the unsightliness of the worms in the tank or anything like that, and there's already a good air stone going on in there.

Has anyone had any luck with culturing bloodworms with other fish? is 78F degrees too hot for them?

Thanks for responding!
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