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Black sheep of the family

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I have 9 Bronze Corys in my 100gall 8 are normal and one is of the long fin variety.


There is now one that has made itself more distinguished than even the long fin, its almost completely black apart from the fins.
Is this a normal coloration? It didnt start out this way, was the same coloring as all the others
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do you have pictures?
i kind of think this is normal. i've got 2 "orange shouldered venezuelan cories" with my bronzes, though they are thought to be c. aeneus as well. they're almost black, along with orange spots on their shoulders.
hmm.. thats unusual. Do you have any pictures?
It is currently being hypothesized that Bronze Cories/Corydoras aeneus is really a hodgepodge of multiple species. On top of this, at least in the US, many of the Bronze Cories are commercially breed which has likely created hybrids further creating widely variable fish.

My guess at the orange shouldered Cory aeneus would be Corydoras venezuelanus and the black Cory is possibly a wild Corydoras schultzei; not the German created all black strain as this has black fins and is black from a very young age.

Post pictures please :)
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