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Black Mollies

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I need help i just got 6 mollies and i put them in my 10 gallon tank which is very clean and i added salt.. but the next day 2 of my mollies were dead. i dont know what to do to make them survive. also the light i have is flourescent is that good for black mollies?
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Hi and welcome,

What are the water stats? You are experiencing New Tank Syndrome which is placing the fish in a new tank which has lots of extreme changes in the water chemistry.
Pls start with the fishless cycling before adding any fish. There's a sticky posted in Starting and Maintaining Freshwater Aquariums section.
On light, it's ok. But you're adding the salt unnecessarily. It's true that mollies are resistant to diseases with salt but your mollies have probably been used to freshwater without salts.

I'll move this as it is posted in the wrong section.
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