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I have some mollies I popped on ebay. Three black gold dust mollies, hard to breed, harder to find. And some normal gold dusts, half and halfs, red panda lyretails(also called gold dust lyretails), and some normal gold dusts...some came out with a bit of white on them.

They are bids, but I know some of you were interested in my fish from previous photos. I'll be getting up some of my marbled, or the silver short fins with spots and yellow fins/body spots.

Yes, the black golds are a bit expensive. I've been trying to breed them for years and only came up with a small handful of them. They're very rare happenings from half and halfs and are quite pretty.

Black golds:
3 Black Gold Dust Molly Fish | eBay

And the mixed batch of different gold dusts:
8 Red Panda Lyretail and Gold Dust Molly Fish | eBay
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