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I know, it seems that most people want to upgrade their lighting, but I have a freshwater set up in a Biocube 14 at work and it is constantly algae-ridden. I think it's just too much light for the setup. I know that many people do saltwater tanks in them, and I think that's what the light is geared for. I never have this issue in my home tank.

Does anyone know where I could get bulbs with less wattage that would fit?

I'm seriously about ready to just take down the tank altogether.

Thanks in advance.

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When was the last time you changed the bulbs? Bulbs out of spectrum will cause more algae. Are the lights on a timer, and how long of a photoperiod are you allowing? Is there sun from a window that hits the tank?
I would do a couple hefty water changes, and reduce the photoperiod. You can give it a jumpstart by three days of NO lights. Followed by a big water change, then the reduction of photoperiod. How many fish are in this tank, and when was the last time you cleaned the substrate? Filter media?
When attacking algae go to the source. The source is an imbalance. Either lighting out of spectrum and too long of a photoperiod, or too many organic nutrients. Is the tank planted with live plants?
Is one of the bulbs blue in this tank? Exactly what type of lighting is it? Compact fluorescents?
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