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bio wheel question

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i recently had a huge problem with a small cheap tank that i was given. long story short i had to replace it so i upsized to a marineland 10 kit. the only fish in the tank is a half moon betta. he loves the space but cant use it all. the penguin 100 power filter bio wheel that came with it is too strong for him and pushes him around. usually people want to know how to make their bio wheel spin faster i want to know how to make the filter a little weaker. is this possible, or do i need to replace the filter?
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figured it out. if anyone else wants to know. i put and extra sponge filter into the filter housing and used a rubber band to hold more sponge onto the outlet port to defuse the water some. the second idea come from someone on another forum.
I'm about at the point of seeing what a bio wheel looks like after being run over by my car. Its pointless for this tank. I can't keep the wheel spinning and keep the current off it slow enough for my betta at the same time. Unless someone can come up with a better idea I'm going to try taking the filter cartridge out and replacing with either a carbon bag or something like bio rings. If that doesn't work I'm swapping it out with a different filter. Please give me some advice
Remove the impeller and break off one or two of the fins. That will slow it down.
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Remove the impeller and break off one or two of the fins. That will slow it down.

Oooh... I never thought of that :thumbsup:
Can the impeller be replaced later if needed?
Yes you can get a replacement
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