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I'm going to be heading out on vacation in a week and need to move a few of these fish. I went a little loco with my breeding for this years outdoor pool project and still have a ton of fish left. So please now is the time to look and make an offer if you want to construct a deal or see if I'll cut you a break.

Bettas - Free with purchase or just pay $8 shipping. Males and females available-Take that Pet Whatever!

Marble Crayfish ,Mormarkrebs, these girls self clone, so just one starts a colony. $12 shipped or 2 for $15 shipped. Can be shipped with other items 1- $4, 2-$8.

Swordtails Showas, Paints, Black and Whites and maybe some small Pineapple 1-$10 shipped and $2 each after that. Here again can be shipped at the cost of fish only-$2 each with additionalpurchase.

Least Killies Pre-hit females and pairs available. Can be shipped with other items. $3 each pluse $8 shipping. LIMITED NUMBERS

Endlers Orchards, Chillis, BlackBar Orchard crosses males $1 each, females $2 each plus shipping. Can be added to other items.

Combos You tell me what you want and I'll make a deal to cut down shipping costs.

All fish come with a live arrival guarantee and a four hour window to report losses if there ever are any! All fish are bred, raised and maintained here in my St. Louis, Missouri fishroom or outdoor pools. I always add extras just in case of an issue so expect them. :eek:mg: All former customers get 10% off, With any order I can include at no charge ramshorn snails-great crayfish food-Tree Frog tadpoles, duckweed or food samples-The food really works and your fish will come unglued when you feed it. I also have some small convicts that are free with any order but could make shipping more expensive-$5 more.
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