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Hello!!! What I have here is something that every betta should have at LEAST one of!!! These are betta towers!! We make them in different sizes and lengths (shown is just an example) and they also come in different colors. We ensure that all plastic tabs are cut off so we don't have any tattered fins and the glue we use is VERY safe for the bettas. We make them all to order and the price is $5.00 plus shipping. My previous post of betta tubes is still up and I am lowering the price to $3.00 plus shipping. You can find the thread here: Betta Tube Commissions!!!!!

The idea of the betta towers is to keep the betta guessing and to build their memory -- and it will help with fin nipping because it will keep their minds occupied!!!

**If you are interested, please feel free to comment or PM me the dimensions you would like, how many, and what color!!**

Colors include:
- Clear
- White
- Brown (shown in picture)
- Orange
- Black
- Purple
- Blue-grey
- Sky Blue
- Grass Green
- Mint Green (shown in picture)
- Red
- Light Pink

Thank you and I hope you all enjoy them!!!


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