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he eat blood worms every day? he might not be processing them fast enough.

i know on the days my betta ate bloodworms he would have a slight tummy, id recommend not feeding bloodworms every day.

25 % water changes are exactly as they sound. take 1/4 of the water out of his tank, replace it with dechlorinated tap water (at the same temperature as the water in the tank, or as close as possible). so do that a few times a week, and if occasionally youll want to sift through the rocks and clean out all of the food and poo that his settled in the rocks.

good luck!

edit for more help:

I would recommend getting larger than the one gallon tank. as you'll find is commonly the standard on this site, we recommend a 5 gallon aquarium, if not larger. your betta will like temps in the high 70s- low 80s (i always went 78 or 79) and youll be able to buy heaters for the tank at your local pet store; tho im not sure if there will be any for such a small tank that wont cook him, this is also benefical with upgrading to a larger tank. A larger tank also allows you to put in a better filtraion system to keep more stable water conditions to prevent future sickness.

basically, upgrading to a larger tank (while a bit expensive at first) will certainly save you many problems in the future. and it allows you more fish than you could keep in the 1 gallon tank.
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