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First, no plecos for anything smaller than a 10. Just too messy and not enough room fro them.

Second, your betta will do fine in a tank with current as long as it has places to rest out of the current. It will like to actually lay on or under something at times and almost "sleep" or appear to do so.

As for the plants. I have never heard of either plant. That raises the first red flag that may mean they are not aquatic, MAY not be. Check HERE and see if oyu can identify the plants for certain. As for the wisteria, how many watts is the light? If it ios a standard incandescent light ( anormal light bulb type) then it won't grow many plants if any at all. Let us know what type it is and the wattage. It may help to fertilize but we need to know the lighting first.

As for tank mates, ghost shrimp may work with plants, Other shrimp will work, a snail, no cories, they need to school as they stress alone. In such a small tank, I would only suggest shrimp or a snails for a bettas tank mates.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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